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Seriously, Amazon? You’re kidding right?

My daughter loves Amazon, she buys things virtually every week,, personally I prefer Ebay, because Ebay accepts PayPal and Amazon doesn’t. I will, very reluctantly, use my credit card online, and only in those rare occasions it makes sense, or when I have no choice. But, for the most part I stick with sites that take PayPal. Maybe I’m just too old school and don’t like financial information floating around in cyberspace in the hope that maybe, cross your fingers, knock on wood, it’s secured. Maybe. However, this is not a conversation about internet security.

I want to talk about pricing. Both Amazon and Ebay have some ridiculous pricing. With Ebay it’s mostly shipping rates, and if it’s something new that just came out like a movie, if you’re too impatient to wait the extra month for the price to come way down, expect to get gouged. Personally I hate buying something then 3-4 weeks later the price is half what I paid for it. So I will wait the extra month.

You can find good deals on Amazon, I wouldn’t call them great deals, I’ve never seen a great deal on Amazon ever. But you can find good deals. The good deal is usually finding a product that is around the same price you would pay at a store ( regular or on sale ) but getting it shipped right to your home for free. With Amazon it’s more convenience than savings. And their shipping time is excellent compared to the absurd shipping times you find on Ebay.

So if I can find enough things to get the free shipping at a cost equal or thereabouts to what I’d pay in the store for those same items, brought directly to my door, why not. It saves me having to go get them, saves room in my shopping cart for other things, and I don’t have to lug them home. But with Amazon don’t just ‘ buy again ‘in your shopping cart, because the thing you bought before for $5.99 might now be $49.99. I look at some things and I have to just go ‘ WOW! ‘ are you kidding me. Like water you can buy at the store on sale for $2.99 selling on Amazon for $39.99, like seriously. And it’s the same water, same link in your shopping cart, that you bought last week for $2.19.

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