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Well, the time has come for me to have to learn shell scripting, all my efforts have gone into BAT and VBS scripting so far but I can’t avoid having to learn it now. :(

I started yesterday googleing a few sites and came across some very useful tutorials.

Today I decided to give it a go and create a small but useless shell script from scratch and see how it goes.

I wanted something that checks user input, validates it, and acts according to the input it receives. It’s for no special purpose just to act as a marker to see where I am up to.

I’m competent in C and fairly decent in Python but shell scripting seems to have a large amount of subtle differences.

I came up with this:

Code: Select all

echo -en “Please pick a number between 1 and 9:”
read number
echo “You have chose “$number”, is this correct (Yes or No)?”
read answer

#If the answer is no, ask for the number to be re-entered and re-validate the input

while [ “$answer” == “No” ]
echo -en “Please re-enter your number:”
read number
echo -en “Is this your number: “$number”? (Yes or No):”
read answer


# Once the answer is Yes, then carry on with the script

if [ “$answer” == “Yes” ]; then
echo “Ok, please wait whilst I consult my database…”

sleep 1
echo “.”
sleep 1
echo “..”
sleep 1
echo “…”
sleep 3;
echo “OK, database consulted, lets see if you won”

sleep 5
echo “.”
sleep 1
echo “..”

if [ “$number” != “3” ]; then
echo “Unlucky, that is not the magic number”


if [ “$number” == “3” ]; then
echo “Well done, you guessed it!”

What I can’t seem to do is to stop the damn thing exiting after it has completed. I want it to run until ^C is hit.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks very much


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