Been thinking about creating an e-Book about ‘ art ‘…more specifically about my days as a Freelance Freehand Graphic Illustrator. Now, for those not too familiar with what that is/was…A Freelance Freehand Graphic Illustrator was someone who drew illustrations by hand, my personal medium was pencil,  ink and watercolor, and were hired by different companies for specific jobs…and those jobs ranged from a simple silhouette to a very detailed and elaborate piece…

before computers became popular with the public ( the advent of the PC – Personal Computer ) the only people I knew who had one were techs and some businesses…and often you would get hired to do a job that the tech guy would scan/trace into their computer…there was no mass production of cheap clip art at the time, and most of the clip art that was available were in huge books ( the size of a small table ) that were mostly purchased by Newspapers…so businesses regularly hired freelance artists to design stuff and paid a decent wage for doing it.

But back to the e-Book…

the idea, and I’m not yet convinced it’s a project that I want to do, or would have any public interest…would entail a general bio on my work as a Freelance Freehand Graphic Illustrator, some art tips and instructions, and a few pieces of my work which I would make available for use by those who download the e-Book.

In this day of computer graphic applications and high-tech illustrations I’m really not sure how an e-Book on Freehand Illustrations would pan out.

But it has crossed my mind, enough to write this post as a means of ‘ mulling it over ‘…I’ll have to mull it over some more and see where the wind blows.

All art Copyrighted. 😛

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