OK, so you have your site up, maybe it’s a website, maybe a blog, a forum perhaps, an online store, whatever it is, it’s up and ready to go…

now you’re wondering why people aren’t flocking to your site in droves just like on those commercials…you know the ones, the ones that have some business setting up their site, initially for a moment nothing happens ( suspense ), then BOOM! the counter starts cracking like it’s the 4th of July, then a worried look comes on their faces when the numbers keep clicking…then FedX or some company chimes in with ‘ don’t worry be happy ‘ we’ll ship out your orders overnight express.

Ahhhhhhh…ain’t TV land great…

it’s also full of horse shit. You’re not going to get laid by drinking a certain beer, or be the center of attention by wearing the latest trend in jeans,  and your site isn’t going to get thousands of visitors just by putting it up on the Net.

Unless, of course ( exceptions always do apply ) you either: have deep pockets yourself or have a sponsor who does. If you have thousands, or in some cases millions, of dollars to invest in advertising, able to put up some 15 second TV ads on a major Network, and hire a promoter on a full-time basis…you do not need to read any further.

Most of us however are not exceptions…we don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, we don’t have companies beating down our door looking to get a piece of our action…

and forget about hiring a full-time, or even a part-time promoter, we have to do it ourselves…and most of the time we have a hard time even finding the  time to devote to our sites.

Oh, now the hard part…

‘ how the ell’ do I get my site known? ‘

well, it ain’t going to be easy, and it’s not going to be fast.

Of course, exceptions apply…you might get lucky…and you might win the lottery too, or date Sharon Stone, or learn how to fly, but it’s not likely…and don’t bet your farm on it.

On the Internet there’s a fine line between promoting your site and spamming….we all want to get our sites known…we all want to have people visit our sites…but we want to ‘ try ‘ to do it in such a way as to be as inoffensive as possible.

Now you’re not going to please everyone, a philosopher once said: ‘ Even Zeus cannot please everyone, whether he sends the rain or withholds it ‘

Some people will be offended by your desire to promote your site…hopefully, if you do it right, most won’t be.

First off make sure your site looks good, presentation is the first thing people notice…if it doesn’t look good then fix it before you even begin a promotional campaign…

there are tons of sites out there that are just plain gawd awful, distorted pieces of junk that will burn out your eyeballs or render you temporarily insane screaming down the halls yelling  ‘ WTF was that! ‘

put some time into your site…ask for help…ask for opinions/reviews…make it look good…it doesn’t have to be ‘ great ‘ but it does have to look good.

OK, you now have a good-looking site…

but what does it have to offer? A good-looking site will attract their attention but it won’t make them want to stay. Now you need something to keep them around…and make them want to come back.

To use TAZ as an example: we have various computer tutorials and music lists…free smileys and avatars…yes these will attract some people, but what about after they’re done…

they’ve read the tutorials, checked out the music lists, and downloaded the avatar they want to use on Twitter ( or someplace else )…maybe they’ll come back, once in awhile, to see if a new tutorial is up or a new music list has been added, but they’re not going to come by regularly…not likely anyways…

what they will come back for regularly is the commentary and games…

we are the ‘ only ‘ site that I am aware of  that offers ad-free full-screen game play…every site looks to make money off of the games they offer…except us…

but we don’t offer high-end games…just standard arcade style games…games that cater to a crowd with little time on their hands who can’t play games that take hours or days to play.

So our games cater mostly to your average working Joe who wants to play a game during his lunch-hour…and to kids who generally have short attention spans, so a quick game suits them.

The WOW crowd would be unimpressed by our games.

Good commentary will keep people coming back for more…it is very important that you make quality posts to attract regular visitors…and make then often…

don’t make a lot of posts that are just copy n’ paste jobs from news sites, or the like…give your brain some exercise and put out original content.

But whatever you decide you have to have something to want to keep them coming back, and keep coming back as often as you would like.

So now you have a site that looks good and has something to gain their interest ( whether that be good original content, games, music, quality products or services, a unique service-product like ‘ how much is your blog worth ‘ , etc… )…

now you’re ready to promote it.

Now comes the ‘ FUN ‘ part…well some of it will be fun, and some will be a tedious pain in the rear…

1. directories…be choosy but do submit your site to as many directories as you can…we have two: The Tech Directory and The Sports Directory

2. join topic-related forums…eg. if you have a site about the NBA don’t join a sewing forum…and put your link in your signature. But don’t just join, add a signature, then leave…make some effort ( even one post a month ) to be a part of their community. Again, be choosy, don’t join a lot of forums…quality not quantity

3. join social-networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Reddit, Blip, etc… but be forewarned that these sites require a lot of time themselves

4. make business cards, flyers, posters, and pass them out…this hands on approach really does work…

5. put a bumper sticker on your car and get your friends to put one on their cars

6. have your online friends do a review of your site on their site

7. make a video presentation ( on whatever topic is germane to your site ) and put it up on your site and youtube

there are many ways to promote you site…some can be very time consuming, and others take very little time…some are ‘ free ‘ and some ( like business cards ) are relatively inexpensive.

The key, for most of us, is persistence…you have to promote regularly…it is not a one-shot deal. If you’re typically lazy or unmotivated chances are very few people will ever know your site even exists.

Like they say about off-line ventures the key is ‘ Location, Location, Location ‘

online it’s ‘ Promotion, Promotion, Promotion ‘

try to be nice about it…try to annoy as few people as possible…give people something worth their time to investigate…and don’t give up.

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Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.

3 thoughts on “Site Promotion and You”
  1. Now this i can understand – thank you!!! Super post. This is the first truly jargon-free piece of advice i have ever come across in a blog that is talking about increasing traffic.
    One of my blogs is about the area where I live, has lots of photographs and i write about local events. My idea was to get it up and running and some good posts up – I am now there and have 50 nice original posts. I am now putting posters up in the local village post offices, took out $5 ads in the local parish magazines, got the 2 local newspapers to write about me and my traffic is building nicely – come September, i am going to ask local country-based business if they would like me to publish photogtraphs and a review about them on my site and charge them a small fee. I will also offer small advertising slots. This is a real tourist area as we are in the most beautiful bit of England so am hoping I get a take-up. I am not expecting to make very much money, but it is a way of using my own skills set and tremendous fun – I only work 2 days a week now so this is a ‘project’ my husband and i are enjoying together. Smiles.

  2. Gee, thanks. This post probably just spawned another bunch of those site promoters that annoy me so much. 😉

    And there really is more to life than the internet. 😀

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