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Skin Deep

Was just watching a rather dreadful movie called ‘ Shallow Hal ‘ from 2001, but, having said that, it got me thinking about online relationships. Excusing the obvious exceptions, there are distinct advantages, and disadvantages, to online relationships.

Our mind, through visual and oral contact, takes in a lot of data regarding those around us, from face-to-face conversations to noticing personal quirks. This vast amount of information allows us to determine if the person is in any way a match, as a potential friend or a mate. Or disregarded and/or  discarded.

Something as simple as a look, a gesture, or a speech pattern can have an immediate impact on how we see that person.

Online we don’t have the huge array and diverse input of a person’s character and look that we have offline. For the most part, exceptions apply, all we have to go on is what a person writes/posts, and how we perceive it to have been written.

Our mind tries to gather other information about the person, such as the person’s avatar, place of origin, but it depends almost entirely upon what the person writes. The more the person writes the more information your mind  can use to make a determination.

And, like the movie, shallowness is set aside.

We don’t know who we’re talking to online…what they really look like, what subtle hint or references they convey in their voice or gestures, as a result we tend to be less judgmental, more likely than not to give a person the benefit of the doubt, and even blame ourselves that we might have misconstrued what the person was saying.

Still, even having said that, I personally prefer the ole’ fashioned face-to-face, in your face, approach to meeting people. But I suppose both have their own Pros and Cons.

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