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So you want to make money on Twitter? Are you sure?

tazicon3We’ve all had the unwanted DM’s, seen the tweeted proposals, blah blah blah…so, ya wanna make money do ya? And you think Twitter is the Golden Goose? Well think again.

Twitter may have millions of accounts, estimated at 32.1 million, but the vast majority of those accounts are inactive…

if you eliminate all the accounts that are inactive, accounts created and made less than two tweets…which is estimated at 55% of all accounts…

all the accounts that are in default or have become inactive or have only had a few posts/tweets…probably another 25% at least…

all the accounts that are marketing their own wares and have absolutely no interest in yours…another 15-18%

there’s probably about 2% left that are average joes looking to meet new people, make friends, and co-mingle.

That’s the market…approximately 700,000 twitters…still a substantial number, about the size of a small to medium City…but it’s a far cry from 32 million.

In April 09 Twitter had 32 million unique visitors, which amounts to about 1 million a day…probably most from those marketers and those 700,000 regular users I mentioned above…

the point is, since Twitter removed the ‘ all users ‘ tab and reduced everyone to seeing only those they follow, and since 70% or more of the people you follow and who follow you aren’t even worth following because they offer you nothing you want..

unless you’re a scammer or a marketing parasite that deals in trickery by hiding affiliate links or such…very few people can make a living off of Twitter.

Sure some do…and not all of them are spineless unethical scumbags…but unless you have access to that 700,000 ( which as I said you no longer do ) chances are don’t quit your day job.

It is however a great place to promote a book, a movie, and things like that…because these are things that appeal to virtually everyone in one way or another…in some respects it will even increase website traffic…


don’t quit your day job.

Don’t believe the hype…don’t be gullible…if making some money off your account is your gig then all the more power to you…but please, don’t be an unethical dirtbag about it…

there’s enough of them already.

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