There are many different application for measuring social media influence online. The current popular application seems to be Klout although it may have lost ground since it made changes that reduced people’s scores. Which might, in some way, be evidence that my wondering if it’s all that important might have some validity. When you stop to think that out of over 1 billion PC users, only 200 million use Twitter, you kind of have to ask what’s influencing the rest of them? Apparently it’s not social media.

What exactly is social media influence and what is being influenced? Are we talking about information we learn online being applied in our daily lives offline? Is it convincing people to buy one product over another because I say it’s a good one? Do we decide who to vote for based on the  campaigning we see online via blogs and Twitter tweets?  Why is it so important to have social media influence anyway?

I saw a tweet on Friday that indicated the average person on the street didn’t know about something that we online are quite familiar with. I mentioned a few bloggers that the average person, of my acquaintance, is unaware of and was told that they still have influence. “The blogosphere is a powerful entity.” He said. You have to understand that I believe it is for those of us who are online, but what about those who don’t use the internet in the same way we do?

I have a blog, for the fun of it, and while my family allows me ample time to have my fun, none of them drop everything they’re doing to read it. They spend their time online playing games or sharing pictures with other family members on Facebook. Texas Hold’em seems to be the game of choice among my brothers. They play the game for awhile and then spend their time doing the kind of things that improve the value of their homes. They have the kind of priorities that don’t allow them long blocks of hours online.

It seems to me the only people that we can inform and enlighten are those who use the internet all the time rather than “just” for recreation. Since most of them have either blogs or numerous social media accounts, what are the chances of actually influencing their opinions?  Based on the number of fights that happen online, I’d say slim to none. Which is problematic to me since there are so many issues here in the US that could be made better through well informed voting.

I wish that social media influence was really all it took to make life better. That is something we can accumulate in the comfort of our homes or offices, while sitting on our asses. All it takes is the need to be popular and the ability to tell people what they want to hear. Which isn’t going to keep a roof over our heads or feed our children. However, it will give you the kind of Klout you believe you deserve….Maybe!

By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

9 thoughts on “Social Media Influence”
  1. The more popular a site gets the more spam gets delivered 😉

    Last month:
    23,409 uniques
    43,088 visits
    142,330 page views ( doesn’t include the game files )
    1,455,610 hits ( would include the game files )
    ( just this site )

  2. I wonder if other blogs get as much spam as you do? And it’s started to collect again. ROFL!

  3. Yeh, it was kinda piling up wasn’t it 😀 If only we’d get a fraction of it in actual comments 😉

  4. Was just thinking that if Klout scored on the amount of spam someone gets, you’d be at the top of the heap. 😀

    I killed the spam dead for you. It annoyed me, not nice to annoy me. 🙁

  5. Being someone who uses the internet for information and to have fun, I’ve never been interested in my Klout score. It measures influence across all social media applications, including Facebook. Which I don’t use. 😀

    My Twitter timeline was full of what people’s scores were until Klout changed their method of measurement. Which dropped some scores waaaaaaay down. You would have thought these people were experiencing some kind of disaster when that happened. Many seem to have turned against it.

    Being influential online isn’t going to pay their bills, nor will it make them happy. And on that note, my washing machine just let me know it’s finished. 🙂

  6. Amazingly I had never even heard of this Klout thing until a couple days ago…and here you are talking about it. 😀

    I rarely have time too…I don’t know how people keep up with social media and everything else. The only way I even come close is to multi-task, if I’m on Facebook, or Blip, or even here now, you can be sure I’m doing at least 3, and usually more, other things at the same time.

    Your brothers like Texas Holdem’ ( opportunity for a plug )… not a real casino game but still fun 😀

    Influence? None. If we’re talking about people, the only people who have real influence are those that take advantage of the gullible. Companies , like Google, Microsoft, etc…on the other hand, exert various degrees of influence.

    Another great article Butterose!!! 😀

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