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Sorry but not interested in Twitter Games and other in-kind DM’s

Sorry…but there’s no sense sending me DM’s and loading up my box with requests to join your Mafia or send a gift…

I’m not interested in the least in joining any site that poses a serious security risk, has an incomplete or questionable privacy policy, has a terms of use that is also incomplete or questionable, any site that tells me I must join once I access their home page, or any site that requires a good deal of my time…

I already have my hands full with a full-time job, my kids ( single dad-meaning I do everything dad and mom does  ), several websites over 8 domains, my Twitter and Blips, and a registered charity I assist in the operation of…

so…inotherwords, my time is extremely limited…so even if I wanted to participate, even if they had good security, a perfect privacy policy and terms of service, and begged me to join, I wouldn’t be able to.

The only thing you are accomplishing by sending me these type of DM’s is distracting from the DM’s I do want to see and respond to.

In short…to wrap this up…and no offense intended…or should be implied…

STOP filling my DM box with this crap.

Spank-you for your cooperation. 😛

If you’re sick of this too…leave a comment.

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