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Spiderman Homecoming a Major Disappointment

Why is it they can never seem to make a great Spiderman movie? Is it because the writers and directors and producers never really read the comics? Is it because Peter Parker is a teenager and in High School and they can’t grasp the concept of a highly intelligent kid with a quirky sense of humor?

Of the six recent Spiderman movies, I have never said ” DAMM that was a great movie ! ”

The 1st 3 didn’t even follow the comic. They had Spiderman ( played by Tobey Maguire ) having webs jetting out his wrists. The character was sappy and unintelligent, seemingly lacking any of the sarcastic wit of the comic Spiderman. As a public service they should reimburse everyone who spent any money on these movies.

The next 2 were better. They finally began to grasp the comic. Parker ( played by Andrew Garfield ) now no longer had webs jetting out his wrists. He was intelligent, as seen by his ability to create webbing and web shooters.  But the character still lacked the depth and sarcasm and wit of the comic, which is what made Spiderman popular to comic readers.

Now we get to Homecoming. My gawd man, what a total destruction of the character. You took a cool. somewhat out-of-place, teenage kid ( played by Tom Holland ) with a great sarcastic wit, and turned him into some star-struck fawning jellyfish Ironman worshiping fanboy. It was almost disturbing to watch. The movie ranks right up there with Spiderman 3 as the worst possible representation of the comic possible. With all the hype of it being the best Spiderman movie to date, by the time I was done watching the movie, I was so disappointed that I regretted buying the BlueRay, and came very close to assigning it to the trash.

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