For the last 3 ( or so ) years we’ve had a sports history website…

…which we thought was very cool. And it looked really good, even though I do say so myself.

but, unfortunately, after I built it I didn’t really have any time to do anything with it…so it was there, trapped in time, not being promoted or updated…just there.

A cool site just sitting there waiting.

So, as much as I liked the site, and thought I did an excellent job creating it, and as much as I hated the thought of tearing it down…especially after the time I did spend it getting it up…it just had to go.

Everything has it’s day…this site itself has been redesigned several times ( it’s only been a blog since 2009  THE INCARNATIONS OF TAZ ) , it spent the first 3 years as a website.

Anyways back to the topic… has been re-designed/re-incarnated as a Sports Directory…a dedicated sports directory…yep, there’s tons of directories out there, but very few dedicated topic directories…

the advantages of having your sports site listed in a directory that is dedicated to sports, as opposed to a directory that lists everything under the Sun, should be obvious.

So…if you have a sports-related site, get down to and get your site listed…there are both free and featured listings, personally I’d go for the free one, it’s still a lot cooler a listing than most offer.

Besides you don’t really need all the extra fluff in the feature listings…the free one gets you more than you need.

Why not push the featured listing instead of the free one? Hey, we have a reputation to uphold 😀 ” Selling you nothing since 2005″  so we made sure that the ‘ free ‘ listing was ‘ more than ‘ sufficient so you’d never really need the featured ones.

So, whatcha waitin’ fer…get yer dabber n’ get at er’ 😀

TheSportsZone: The Dedicated Sports Directory

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