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St-Pierre vs. Hendricks, and Why Dana White is a Tool

gsp_hendricks_ufc_167So, the big baby Dana was upset that Hendricks lost the fight, in fact he was so upset with the judges he penalized St. Pierre by refusing to award him his fight bonus. What? Did St. Pierre not fight, did he refuse to come out of his corner, throw in the towel, tell me what exactly did St. Pierre do to not get his bonus money? Oh, I get it, in Dana’s world when he’s angry at the judges he penalizes the fighters because he can’t penalize the judges. Dana is a Tool.

Dana said in an interview that clearly Hendricks won the fight and you could see it by looking at GSP’s face, and the amount of damage he suffered. Really? So we’re now judging the winner of the fights by how much damage is inflicted? Well, then, let’s overturn some of these decisions, let’s see now, why don’t we start by all the people who won fights by KO who were beat up more prior to the KO, and work from there. It’s ridiculous to base the winner of a fight by what they look like after the fight. The fact is some people bruise, cut, swell, differently than others. GSP looks like he got beat up coming out of almost every fight he’s been in at championship level, even when he wins. And GSP is not a KO fighter, he doesn’t have the power of a Hendricks or a Lawler, so obviously, ‘ DUH ‘GSP isn’t going to inflict the kind of damage as Hendricks would. There was no question in my mind that even if GSP clearly came out the winner he’d still look like he lost the fight. Dana is a Tool.

Now let’s review the fight…gsphendricks

I watched this fight a few times and in my opinion the 1st round could have gone either way. The second round clearly went to Hendricks, GSP took some big shots, one that made his legs buckle, that would have floored most other fighters, however GSP did recover and came back near the end and that could have swayed the judges in his favor. The 3rd round was GSP’s, Hendricks did get a short-lived takedown but in my opinion was too little too late, GSP clearly dominated the round until that takedown.

So…after 3 rounds we are at a draw…if the fight was stopped here GSP wins by default. Like the tie always goes to the runner in Baseball, you don’t take the belt away from a Champion based upon a close fight. Up to this point Hendricks hasn’t performed well enough to deserve to take the Belt away and call it his own. And Dana, ‘ DUH ‘ GSP already looks like he lost, if you base the fight upon the absurd notion that fights should be awarded by damage. See above you Tool.

Now, the championship rounds….St-Pierre-vs-Hendricks

GSP slipped or lost his balance and Hendricks capitalized on it with some ground and pound, inflicting some serious damage, but to Hendricks credit he let GSP back up, I count that as great sportsmanship seeing as he didn’t take GSP down. GSP is still dictating the fight while Hendricks moves around the outside, but GSP is clearly beat up. Hendricks wins the 4th round, only because GSP made the mistake of falling on his own butt and Hendricks taking advantage of it. Not because Hendricks did anything otherwise. GSP handed that round to Hendricks.

The 5th and final round, because GSP fell on his butt last round he now needs to win this round.  Again the round starts off with GSP as the aggressor, taking center ring and chasing Hendricks. GSP gets 2 takedowns, both short-lived but Hendricks does nothing to solidify that he deserves the Belt. He seems content on letting GSP chase him around the ring, or avoiding the takedown. GSP wins this round.

GSP won the fight, and Hendricks did nothing to show that he deserved to take it away. I expected Hendricks to come out guns a blazing, knowing GSP doesn’t have the power to knock him out, but throughout the entire fight Hendricks seemed content on circling the outside and letting GSP dictate the fight. The most significant damage was when GSP fell on his own butt and Hendricks capitalized on it.

The fact is, Dana is a Tool. GSP stood his ground and went toe-to-toe with a very dangerous fighter, when he himself doesn’t have that power, and he chased Hendricks around for most of the fight, and even though he ended up looking like he got beat up ( as he usually does ) that does not mean he lost, so why don’t you pony up the bonus money because you’re an idiot and you’re wrong, because…you’re a Tool.

Hendricks lost this fight because he should have come out guns a blazing, he had nothing to fear from GSP’s power, everyone knows GSP is not a KO artist, and he would have took that belt away….but no…he didn’t, and that’s why he lost.

Dana thinks Hendricks won, Hendricks thinks Hendricks won, but even if that were true, and we give the 1st round to Hendricks, and we ignore Dana’s absurd notion that fights should be determined by damage, I saw nothing in that fight that showed me that Hendricks in any way deserved to take a belt away from a proven champion.

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One Response to St-Pierre vs. Hendricks, and Why Dana White is a Tool

  1. Shelley H March 25, 2016 at 11:01 pm

    I completely agree with this article!! Fuck you Dana, you fat sack of shit!!

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