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Steven Seagal the Man the Mystery

There are so many stories about Seagal ( most of them bad ) that it’s hard to know which ones are true, which ones are fabricated, and which ones are just embellished. From whether or not he really is a 7th Dan Black Belt Aikido Master to multiple sexual assault accusations, some of which were filed to court. If you go by what most people say he is one of the greatest bullshit story tellers of all time.

You can’t really go by the Wiki article on him, now normally I applaud Wiki and everyone that helps keep that site going, in fact I often reference Wiki myself in many articles I write, but if you believe all the stories about Seagal it’s not a far stretch to assume he probably keeps a close eye on that article and edits it himself whenever possible.

One thing I do know for sure is that Aikido can’t ready be considered much of a fighting art as it’s portrayed in his movies. Why? Because I watch a lot of MMA, and not just the UFC, and when they describe what people do I have never heard anyone at any time mention Aikido, ever. Wrestling, boxing, karate, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Jui-jitsu, grappling, muay thai, kung fu, well…pretty much everything but Aikido.

So until the day I hear ” and in this corner, a master of aikido, … ” I have to claim bullshit, at least in this respect.

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