Storytime in Twitterville is a collection of tweets that combine to make a story from the the list of followers of @TheTAZZone

Remember…the story may not always make sense…and it may not always be good 😀 as it comes from several 140 or less character tweets.

The Adventures of @RealWorldMom

A long time ago in the Land of @Blanquis26 there lived a @RealWorldMom who thought that @changeisgood1 for her and so travelled to the City @Ladyalana to have a @1sweetwhirl with @thehulkster but then came the @Dropsofreign so she headed for shelter under the @PeasandBananas tree. When out from the shadows popped @REDBEARDCHIEF with his peg leg and eye patch he whispered in a raspy voice to @RealWorldMom that he had discovered some sweet @Butterose that she could take and sell in the City @Ladyalana.

@RealWorldMom gathered up the @Butterose and headed on her journey to the City to meet up with @SallyLeeCandles who might be able to use the fresh @Butterose to make her candles…

to be continued…stay tuned…

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