A while back I bought the first 5 seasons of the television fantasy-melo-horror-drama Supernatural, figuring at the time that the series was pretty much dead at that point. Even the series creator ( Kripke ) expected it to end after 3 seasons, expanded it to five, and then left the series, as the main plot had come to an end. Somehow, the show lasted 10 more seasons. And even though I had no intention of buying more seasons I came across a deal on a DVD package of seasons six through ten.

Seasons six through ten has it moments, runs along the same theme with pretty much the same players, with some new major players and plot twists, and some sheer stupidity. OK, we can get the Angels, the Werewolves, the Shapeshifters, the Demons, the Vampires, the Ghosts, the humorous evil of the Trickster, but when you introduce The Wizard of OZ and Hansel and Gretel, well, you’re stretching to the point of absurdity.

I’m not going to give out any storylines, however, Dean becomes a teenager and loses the mark of Cain, and the Darkness doesn’t come, even though at the time no one is bearing the mark, it would have seemed the logical approach would have been, and should have been, to recreate that magic bag of goodies, return Dean to being a teenager and problem solved. But that aspect is never explored, at all, not even mentioned, completely and utterly ignored. Like they hoped that glaring plot loophole would just go by unnoticed.

Seasons six through ten are worth watching, are they as good as the first five? No. Are they worth spending a lot of money on? No. But, if you can find a deal they are definitely worth the buy. Does watching seasons six through ten make me want to run out and buy seasons eleven to fifteen? No. I have a feeling the last five seasons will be even more of a stretch than the previous five. I think the story lost a step with the departure of Kripke.

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