Sure as the sun rises, I get to work Monday morning and there are 10 voice mail messages from the front desk. Lynnette, my ever so skilled TIER I helper – now secretary, gives me one of those “You fucking bastard” looks as she enters my office.

“Mr. Morgan, the receptionist called and said that there are 9 people in the front lobby waiting to meet you and she has been inundated with phone calls since seven this morning”.

“And your point”?

“Well I guess you are interviewing for the sysadmin position, but no one knew that you were interviewing today”.

“O.K., So what’s your point”? As Lynn turns to shut the door to my office, I know she’s about to loose all professional demeanor. That’s why she could never be a bastard, but between you and me – she can be one serious bitch.

Bastard Stories and other Tales

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