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Sure, That’s double time pay, right?

“The company has decided to purchase the software reviewed by the steering committee. Will you be around to install it this weekend?”

“Sure, That’s double time pay, right?”

“Nope, you’re on salary, be in by 7 and call my cell phone when you’re done, I’ll be up north fishing, but should have a signal.”

Monday Morning New system is completely hosed (installed over the weekend without reading the manual and half drunk) and no network resources are available to the lusers.

“What happened? Why didn’t you call me?”

“It seems that the steering committee failed to realize that the new “Enterprise software” they purchased imbeads itself into Active Directory by trying to find and reallocate the nth Fibonacci number.”

“The what?”

“Look, you have a degree in computer science, It’s basic 101 stuff. n is zero or one, so when returning one; compute fibonacci(n-1) and fibonacci(n-2) Then return the sum of those two numbers. Now this requires O(fibonacci(n)) time; which is equivalent to exponential time, that is, O(2n).”

“Yes I know that, why doesn’t the network work?”

“Because Active Directory maintains internal network time with a process constantly using n, or more to the point O(2n). So you see until I can uninstall that shit “The Committee” bought, the network will be un accessible.”

Original Story by dinowuff for TheTAZZone/TAZForum…all rights reserved.

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