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Sure, That’s double time pay, right?

Boss: “The company has decided to purchase the software reviewed by the steering committee. Will you be around to install it this weekend?” SysAdmin: “Sure, That’s double time pay, right?” Boss: “Nope, you’re on salary, be in by 7 and call my cell phone when you’re done, I’ll be up north fishing, but should have […]

A Weekend with the Bastard SysAdmin

Part 1 Ah more email from corporate H.R. guy… ———————————————————————————————————— RE: Company Weekend Suggestions. So what does anyone want to do for the company outing this spring? All comments and suggestions will be considered. Please note that at this time hourly employees are not being polled for input. The executive committee has determined that directors […]

Sure as the sun rises…

Sure as the sun rises, I get to work Monday morning and there are 10 voice mail messages from the front desk. Lynnette, my ever so skilled TIER I helper – now secretary, gives me one of those “You fucking bastard” looks as she enters my office. “Mr. Morgan, the receptionist called and said that […]

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