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WordPress verses HTML

WordPress verses HTML

When considering building a site you need to decide what best suits your needs. WordPress is a great platform for those who like to have a social-type regularly updated site. It can be set up right out of the box. And can be modified easily to suit your needs with the extensive amount of plugins […]

Content, Copyright, Value, and Crediting Submissions

You should always be aware of the value of your contribution’s, and ensure your rights as a contributor are protected and appreciated. Content, Copyright, Value, and Crediting Submissions Well, I wasn’t sure what my first article should be about until I saw my daughter’s published song/poetry here on BrooWaha. I addressed a couple of issues […]

Website and Blog Traffic, and Promotion

” How do I get people to visit my site? ” is a question asked by virtually everyone who has ever started a site of their own. And there is no easy answers. If there was a sure fire way to drive traffic people would not be asking the question over and over again…constantly. Well, […]

Site Promotion and You

OK, so you have your site up, maybe it’s a website, maybe a blog, a forum perhaps, an online store, whatever it is, it’s up and ready to go… now you’re wondering why people aren’t flocking to your site in droves just like on those commercials…you know the ones, the ones that have some business […]

What makes a good Blog?

1. First of all a blog has to look good…as they say it’s all in presentation…first appearances… 2. but good looks will only keep them around for a short time, you want them to stick around…so you need good content…something interesting to read or something for them to do… 3. to keep them coming back […]


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