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Guest Blogging, Does it Work?

I’m not really sure what a ‘ guest blogger ‘ is…ie. I’ve written over 30 articles for Broo so does that make me a proficient guest blogger? 😀 What exactly is the difference between a ‘ guest blogger ‘ and a ‘ site contributor ‘? Volume? I think the key to guest blogging would be: […]

Anderson da Silva you’re out of your Friggin’ mind

Not too long ago Anderson da Silva said that BJ Penn, in his opinion, ranked higher than Georges St-Pierre in the pound-for-pound ( MMA for those not in the know ) best in the World. Apparently he missed the part where GSP has beaten BJ Penn twice, once very decisively, so decisively in fact that […]

Google+ is anyone going to Care?

Google+ is anyone going to Care?

Google+ is the new attempt by Google to take on social networking giants, primarily Facebook., and is just another of their projects which is a  disaster waiting to happen. They tried before and failed miserably with Google Wave and Google Buzz. And shot themselves in the foot with Buzz by automatically enrolling their G-mail users […]

US Department of Education the new Gestapo

Really, how friggin’ insane is this. Calling out S.W.A.T. to raid a home because of defaulted Student Loans. Come on now, what’s next…calling in an air strike by the Air Force to recover back taxes! “Pay yer Taxes …or we’ll bomb your home! ” Is this World getting weirder by the day…or is it just […]

Your Opinion Matters

Your Opinion Matters

We’re always looking at new ways to make TAZ better, and your input is invaluable to us. So here’s your opportunity to tell us what you think about TAZ and how you think it can be improved. All criticism is welcome, so don’t be shy…it’s all good, Baby! 😀 Do you like the layout? Is […]

Top 50 Hot Rock Covers vs Originals

Top 50 Hot Rock Covers vs Originals

Top 50 Hot Rock Covers vs Originals Welcome Babies to another trip on the TAZ Magic Bus, freewheelin’ our way down the merry lane in our Funky Fargo into da Royal Rock Past. On my DJ Station on Blip I post various bits of music trivia…mostly because I like music trivia, and enjoy playin’ the […]

TheTAZZone now on Facebook

TheTAZZone now on Facebook

OK OK I succumbed! After holding out I finally gave up the ghost and joined Facebook. Not that I had anything particularly against Facebook, I just felt it would consume far too much of my already very limited time. Still trying to figure out the ropes, and welcome any advice anyone wants to share that […]

Video Player has been Fixed

With the gracious help of Ethan LongTail at LongTail Video our player is now working again! Thanks Ethan!

Where Internet Chaos becomes an Art Form

Crusading against conventional thinking Well I guess I should start from the beginning, or at least give a brief lead-in. When I first entered the amazing World of the Internet I immediately went to join up at computer help forums, as they seemed to be, in my mind, the best place to teach the ins […]


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