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100 Rare Classic Rock Songs 2

To re-cap from our first list of 100 Rare Classic Rock Songs: Many times good to excellent songs get passed up for a variety of reasons…for instance Decca once sent the Beatles a rejection letter saying that in their opinion they didn’t like their sound and guitar music was on it’s way out. Sometimes it’s […]

2011 Spank Me Awards in Music Excellence

2011 Spank Me Awards in Music Excellence

TAZ presents the 2011 SPANK ME AWARD for excellent taste in music! Awarded to all the DJ’s on Blip that have shown a diverse and interesting repertoire…and, most of all, an abundant sense of humor…seriously…if you listen to me, a sense o’ humor is a requirement!  😀 Don’t worry…if you’re not here, we still wub […]

Get to know the Most Popular Unconventional Site on the Net

Yep…that’s Us Baby!  TheTAZZone! We fly in the face of convention and conventional wisdom. We’re a ‘ mutt ‘ site. A collection of various things in one package…crusading against the status quo with a Spanker in one hand and a Hot Tub in the other. Most people will tell you that when you create a […]

Charities: To Give or not Give

That is the dilemma! A brief look at giving. OK, I should immediately preface this by saying that I have been involved with many charities, in many capacities, as a volunteer and as a paid employee, for over 35 years. I say this for the same reason another person, when offering an opinion, might preface […]

Parenting plus Political Correctness equals Absurdity

I was just at the Doctors the other day with my two girls in tow, to arrange physicals, eye exams, discuss getting a Gynecologist for my daughters, etc… at that time I was informed of the ‘ new ‘ rules of the road. Apparently, now, in this Country, a 13 year old girl can see […]

The TAZ DJ Awards

The TAZ DJ Awards

Well. every month we plan to pick 3 DJ’s ( from Blip ) who we think have outstanding taste in music. The ‘ only ‘ criteria will be music. Now, anyone who listens to me on Blip knows I like all different kinds of music, and I play all different kinds of music from the […]

Waaaaazup! Babies!

Haven’t posted recently because I’ve been preoccupied with other things. So, I was thinking we should talk about something, catch-up so to speak. Maybe make this a ‘ mutt ‘ post, a little bit about a lot of things. Family My daughters are at the age ( pre-teen, one teen next month ) where I’m […]

A Beautiful Rant

“I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the name calling, the finger pointing, the outright refusal to compromise. I’m sick of the stupidity of an election system that focuses on who can raise the most money to win rather than what’s right for our nation.” “I’m sick of people who scream that taxes can’t be […]

Got a Moment? Check us Out!

Welcome to the TAZ! 😀 I’m glad you came to check us out. Now for your debriefing: ABOUT TAZ TAZ ( aka Egaladeist ) is a under-paid over-worked charity coordinator for a Nationally Registered Charity. I’ve spent over 35 years working in various capacities, volunteer and paid, with several charities. Was also once, for about […]


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