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I Wub Sports..but I don’t Wub them all the Same

As a Canadian, and as someone who likes a fast-paced action-packed game, I gotta say I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sport of Hockey. And very few sports, if any, translate well to virtually any media like Hockey does. I remember listening to Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Radio when I was […]

Catching a shark with a ten pound line

I was watching a popular fishing show just a few hours ago. And just had to say something. I love fishing as much as anyone. Haven’t actually been fishing for many years but when I did fish it was both fun and relaxing. But I never really did get sport fishing ( or sport hunting […]

The Pains of Modern Parenthood

When I was a kid things were so much simpler…yeh, it sounds like a cliche, but it isn’t…it was simpler, in so many ways. Just to give you some perspective I am a Father of three, and a Grandfather of soon to be five (my Son, who will be 30 this year, has been very […]

Volunteering in the Charity Sector

Volunteers and volunteering in today’s hectic world. As a Charity Co-ordinator for a Nationally Registered Charity part of my duties is to find/locate volunteers. Every year this seems to become harder to accomplish. The problem isn’t just finding people willing to volunteer, which is in itself a task, but finding volunteers who are willing to […]

Raindrops Make Things Beautiful

Is a blog by the TAZ Contributor, and my friend, Butterose. If comments are an indication of readership then Butterose’s blog really kicks butt…with over 28,000 comments on just 1000+ posts. That’s 28+ comments per post. That stat alone should tell you that this person is a must read 😀 Even the TAZ, which averages […]

What was the First Song you Blipped?

What was the First Song you Blipped?

The first song I Blipped was ‘ I’d love to change the World ‘ by Ten Years After…and that was on Apr 19, 2009 < Nope that’s just a pict of Aerosmith 😀 I mostly Blip oldies, usually classic rock from the late 50’s to 2000…but mostly 60’s and 70’s because that’s the songs I […]

Site Promotion and You

OK, so you have your site up, maybe it’s a website, maybe a blog, a forum perhaps, an online store, whatever it is, it’s up and ready to go… now you’re wondering why people aren’t flocking to your site in droves just like on those commercials…you know the ones, the ones that have some business […]

Why I rarely Tweet anymore

Why I rarely Tweet anymore

When I joined Twitter , like most people who aren’t there to market a product, I thought it would be a great way to meet new people, connect, and promote my non-commercial website ( the TAZ ) … and at first…for about a month or two it seemed to live up to my expectations. I […]

The Tech Directory is now ‘ OPEN ‘

The Tech Directory is now ‘ OPEN ‘

The Tech Directory is now officially ‘ open for submissions ‘ TheTAZZoneTech: Computer News, Recommended Downloads, Recommended Services, Computer Security, and much more… The Tech Directory ( also known as The Tech Zone and TheTAZZoneTech ) is a dedicated tech directory serving only tech-related websites and blogs. Why add your website or blog to our […]


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