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Sorry but not interested in Twitter Games and other in-kind DM’s

Sorry…but there’s no sense sending me DM’s and loading up my box with requests to join your Mafia or send a gift… I’m not interested in the least in joining any site that poses a serious security risk, has an incomplete or questionable privacy policy, has a terms of use that is also incomplete or […]

Carfax, Loblaws, and Highliner Busted

Just finished watching an episode of CBC Marketplace ( aired today at 8:00am EST ) that took Carfax and their reports to task over their claim that they are comprehensive reports detailing a vehicles history. They took four vehicles from two different dealers that came back with clean Carfax reports…all four vehicles had unreported accidents […]

Losing Interest in Twitter and it’s associated problems

Well…Twitter has taken a backseat to other more reliable sites lately…for a variety of reasons…the main ones being ( in no specific order ): 1. excessive questionable product marketing 2. spam DM’s 3. link spamming to less than reputable sites 4. problems with the followers and following lists changing without doing anything  ( eg. I […]

Here’s the Breakdown…

Here’s the Breakdown…

Well you’ve seen us, you know us, and you know what we’re about…but why don’t we break it down for you all in one place. We are on Twitter to have fun and promote our sites…we don’t, nor will ever, try to sell you anything… occasionally we will speak out against what we see as […]

Best Twitters to Follow

Best Twitters to Follow

You’ve probably wondered who you should follow and where you can find the ones you want to follow…well, it really depends upon your criteria…are you looking for information? What kind of information? Are you looking for people you can talk to? What do you want to talk about? The sad, but nevertheless, truth of the […]

The TAZ meets Twitter

The TAZ meets Twitter

Yes you can now check us out and follow us on Twitter. New version above.

Page Rank the System of Yesterday

Now, let’s preface this by saying this is NOT a crap on Google post…we like Google, anyone who has visited our forum could testify to the respect and admiration we have for them…as far as companies go, they apparently treat their employees extremely well, they offer a wide variety of free services, they offer programs […]

“American Hostages and renewed Fighting…”

From a Canadian perspective I think Obama is the best choice…for Canadians…when it comes to exports like lumber he seems more the negotiable kind of leader…than the let’s trade off tax and tariffs wars tiff for taff ones we’re used to dealing with… but by the same token I think in light of Americans in […]

Spread Da Luv Baby!

Spread Da Luv Baby!

We appreciate all the support in helping us to become the Best non-commercial Site on the Net! Selling you nothing since 2005! So if you see something you like why not share it with your friends…leave a comment…hang around…chill out with da TAZ! 😀 And check us out on Twitter, Blip, and Facebook! Also…check out […]


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