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World War 1 : In the trenches

World War 1 : In the trenches

Warfare 1917

Ad-Free Games Only on TAZ

Yep Baby! Only here can you play over 1000 games ad-free! And play them full-screen too! So whether you want to play a classic like Pacman , get immersed in a battle game like Sea Hawk , a fun game like Fuzzy 2 , shoot some hoops with Shootin’ Hoops , test your knowledge with […]

50 of the Best Online Games

50 of the Best Online Games

TIME KILLERS… We, of course, are talking about your typical online arcade games. The type of games that don’t take days to play, or consume huge amounts of your time…and in some cases money. These are free online games that take about 20 minutes to an hour to play. What we call ‘ Time Killers […]

Ten of the Best Military Battle Games

Ever shop around at different arcade game sites looking for something to play and waste more time looking than playing…and when you finally find something you like the game plays on about 25% of the screen and is surrounded by annoying nuisance ADs, links, and other junk, on the other 75% of the screen. At […]

Top Ten Point and Click Games

Most of you know what a Point n’ Click game is. But for the few who don’t, it is a game where you point at things and click them. Usually they are games where you need to figure out clues, escape rooms or situations, find things/objects to help you, hover your mouse over things, etc… […]

Twelve Very Cool Games to Kill Some Time

Some of us don’t have hours to sit around and play a game, sometimes we only have a few minutes here n’ there, n’ that’s the beauty of the games on TAZ, they aren’t the type that’s going to take out a huge chunk out of your day. Most of TAZ’s over 1000 games take […]

Escape from Hell Towers

Escape from Hell Towers

There are also 960 Games on the 10 Game Blogs. All AD-Free Game play. Laid-out in easy to find categories with no more than 5 games per category. All hand-picked games to offer you the Best the Internet has to offer. Links on sidebar > escapefromhelltowers

Medieval Battle 9

Medieval Battle 9

A game similar in nature to Stronghold…but not quite as memory hungry. Great for the kids or if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Medieval Battle 9

Top Ten Online Military Battle Arcade Games

There are literally thousands of online games and unless you know the game and are looking for it you could spend more time looking for a game to play than actually playing the game. And most game sites are not people-friendly…they’re not well organized and they’re generally geared toward one purpose…making money so they want […]

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