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Playing The Blame Game

I found myself rather shocked at a tweet by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. He said that President Obama is to blame for the two year extension on the tax cuts for the wealthy. This is technically the truth, however, the extension was the ONLY way that Congress would agree to extending unemployment for those without jobs. […]

All The News Not Fit To Print

In 1980 Ted Turner launched the first 24/7 cable news channel, CNN. At the time, my 24 hour day consisted of working 8 hours at an answering service switchboard, getting to and from work, trying to get enough sleep, taking care of my home, seeing to it we had food in the house and nurturing […]

There’s Not An App For This

I’m not as enamored of the technical toys as the younger generation is. Lived too much of my life without them so I really can’t see the benefit of everything that is being developed now. I don’t want to be connected to the world wide web all the time. When I’m out at a movie, […]

Is Critical Thinking The Cure for the Common Moron?

Back in the age of dinosaurs, when I went to school, we were taught the concept of critical thinking. When it came to any issue we were discussing, we were asked to evaluate what we heard or read on the basis of the following 5 steps: (a) What am I being asked to believe or […]

Confessions Of An Internet Junkie

I lived for half a century without ever knowing how to use a computer. Didn’t have a clue what I was missing so I didn’t miss it. I was perfectly happy letting technology pass me by. I was content to do nothing with my dining room table except clean it and use it to dine […]

If You Won’t Take Care of Your Children, Just Don’t Have Them

In the news yesterday there were two items that caught my attention and not in a good way. One was a local report of a man, in his 30’s, arrested for stalking a 9 year old child in Myspace. The other was the story of a 7 year old Russian adoptee that was sent back […]

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