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I Am The 47 Percent

I Am The 47 Percent

We own a business. We pump septic tanks, provide portable restrooms for weddings, graduations and constructions jobs. We used to do installations of new septic systems for contractors, back when the housing market was a rapidly growing bubble of nothing.  That construction was where we were making our money. We had a good living going […]

What Does Being Pro-Life Mean Anyway?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer I live the less makes sense to me. You could, I suppose, call that senility and to that I’m saying “Not so fast.” I’ve been keeping track of the attacks by the US Congress on Women’s Health Issues and on what it is many people believe is […]

Everyone’s A Wingnut, Baby!

Everyone’s A Wingnut, Baby!

I’ve come to the conclusion, and I admit it’s a journey into crazy wingnut territory, that the Republicans want the middle class reduced to poverty levels so they can have an unlimited source of cannon fodder. I mean, think about that. First off, they like their oil money. What better way to insure that oil […]

Is It Political Advocacy Or Something Else? Buyer Beware!

I’m not an investigative journalist, or anyone with enough knowledge about the legality of PACs or how they work to say with any certainty that something is going on here that shouldn’t be happening. There are charities that I won’t donate to because their administrative costs far outweigh the amount of good they do. It […]

Is The Conservative Majority Fund a Real PAC?

I was minding my own business. Sitting in my livingroom, having lunch and watching a blood thirsty real murder mystery on the Discovery ID Channel. I normally use commercial breaks for the obtaining of other refreshments from my kitchen, but today I had everything I needed. Well, I really would have liked some chocolate, but […]

The Right To Vote

I have to love my fellow Americans, I really do. We’re all about Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Separation of Church and State, Freedom from Taxation Without Representation and our Constitutionally given Right To Bear Arms. We’re Americans, by God, and will defend those rights online for hours at a time. My problem is […]

The Joy Of Twitter

It’s like the Frank Sinatra song “My Way”, and don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not. Twitter has a TOS. I strongly suggest you read it and those are the only rules you really, really need to follow. All other decisions about how you handle your account are yours. Whose guidance you accept, if […]

Let’s Be “Honest”

In the phallic world of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, an “honest rape” would entitle the victim to receive an abortion. If we assume that his use of the word honest in his statement means one that actually occurred rather than one that is a false charge, I still have a number of questions. What criteria […]

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Nothing will elevate political consciousness like losing people you love in a war fought in a jungle on the other side of the world. Especially if you’re all of 18 years old and totally inexperienced in the ways of government and the world around you.  Naivete your name is Youth. The year was 1968, the […]

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