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Online Website Scanners

Online Website Scanners

OK, you’ve built a great website/blog and you’re lovin’ it…traffic is flowing, people are reading, leaving comments, the world is your oyster…sounds good doesn’t it. Of course it rarely works out quite that way, but hey, life is an adventure, even if you don’t find the Golden Fleece, you can still have a lot of […]

TAZ Computer, Script, and Photoshop Tutorial List

TAZ Computer, Script, and Photoshop Tutorial List

Our members have written some great ‘ original ‘ tutorials over the years, some of which have been linked to by various Universities as recommended, and in some cases, required reading for specific classes. Guidelines: 1. If you are an educational body or a non-profit institution you are welcome, without our expressed permission, under commonly […]

There’s Not An App For This

I’m not as enamored of the technical toys as the younger generation is. Lived too much of my life without them so I really can’t see the benefit of everything that is being developed now. I don’t want to be connected to the world wide web all the time. When I’m out at a movie, […]

When Technology Becomes God

There are times when responsibility for an occurance should be shared. I believe that such was the case in the death of my step-mother’s 2 dogs. My brother was accepting his share of the responsibility for the dogs being in the road, he felt that he was responsible for possibly not seeing to it that […]

I Hate BlueTooth Technology

There is some evidence that despite our penchant for multitasking, we aren’t as effective at it as we think. Our brains work in mysterious ways and it seems that when we are concentrating on something, the brain puts other functions on autopilot. That’s kind of a simplistic way of putting it since what happens actually […]

Is Critical Thinking The Cure for the Common Moron?

Back in the age of dinosaurs, when I went to school, we were taught the concept of critical thinking. When it came to any issue we were discussing, we were asked to evaluate what we heard or read on the basis of the following 5 steps: (a) What am I being asked to believe or […]

The Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

The Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

In 1999, youngest step-son started making “you really need a computer” noises. My husband’s business records were being kept, the ledger was accurate, he never was overdrawn at the bank. Customer receipts were filed in the filing cabinet. At least the ones he didn’t lose between the truck and the house were. The filing cabinet […]


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