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I buy a lot of movies, you might say I collect them, but I really don’t see myself as a collector. While others prefer places like Netflix or On Demand, I prefer a hard copy. I like to own the movie, watch it when I want to, and if I get sick of it, or my taste changes, I can sell it. Collectors collect, whereas I have very specific tastes and have no problem getting rid of the ones I no longer want.

And I don’t mind waiting for a good price, most of the time. There’s no way I’m paying $30-$50 for a new release off EBay or Amazon. Just will not do it. Sometimes I’ll wait weeks after the initial release for the price to drop to what I consider reasonable. For a very anticipated release at most I’ll pay is $25 for an unopened Combo pack. I recently pre-ordered Brightburn Combo pack, scheduled to be released on August the 20th, for $22.96 including shipping. But generally, I don’t like to pay more than $18 including shipping, for a new release. And if you’re willing to wait a few weeks the price will drop down to that for most items.

Currently I probably have over 1000 movies, if I watched one a day it would likely take me 3 years to watch them all. I also buy TV Shows, and have several of them as well, like the entire series of Seinfeld, Law and Order, and WKRP, and whole or parts of several others.

Lately I’ve been cutting back though, maybe 30-40 movies a year, as there really isn’t much left that I want that I don’t already have. So most of my buying is now new releases and taking a chance on foreign films that I can find in my region code. Like I bought The Guardians a Russian Superhero movie that was made for less than $6 million that I thought was as good as some of Hollywood Blockbusters, and I hope they do make the sequel that they alluded to at the end of the movie.  The Cottage was a great movie from the UK, rivaling the best Hollywood slasher films. And for Zombie fair you can’t go wrong with the UK’s Girl with all the Gifts.

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