This one’s a bit dated, having occurred about 4 days after Katrina. Episode 3 – Be Prepared

It was a hot, dry, dusty afternoon outside as I stood working the 1pm-9pm, the toughest shift for the store all week. It’s me, myself, and I manning the register, listening to the complaints of ultra high gas prices, and comiserating with the customers about both the price of petrol and the weather. Typical Saturday, I thought to myself as I ring out yet another faceless, nameless customer. Then they roll up in my parking lot. All 15 vehicles of them, ranging from a Lexus SUV down to an old beater Ford 150 pickup truck. They’re one family. They’re tanking up gas, and buying out all the supplies they can get their hands on in my store including all my ice and all my bottled water. Their destination: New Orleans, Louisiana.

Now this put me pretty busy for a bit. You see, there were 40 or so of them ranging from Grandma and Grandpa down to preteen grandkids. I asked them why they were attempting to return so soon, and got my response from Pa, who was obviously the boss of this motley group. “My family owns a business down there and we’re going to protect it from the looters. You wouldn’t happen to know where we can get more ammunition between here and there do ya?”

I blinked and answered in the negative, not having had the need of ammo save for hunting in years now, then inquired politely after their armaments as if actually taking interest. Pa has his eldest son pull the tarp back from the bed of his pickup truck. There’s a .50 caliber machine gun, several Soviet AK-47′s and US M-16′s lovingly crated in the back along with various caliber rifles and pistols. “Man, you guys are pretty serious about this, aren’t you?” I asked, an honest look of amazement across my face. “Yep, since that (expletive deleted) Bush isn’t doin nothin, we figured we’d handle it ourselves.” “Good luck to you.” I responded and returned to my work.

I can’t say I blame them for wanting to protect their property at all costs. I sincerely hope they can actually get into New Orleans proper; I’ve heard the roads in are all closed up.

I honestly hope they don’t have to kill anyone, but if they do, they’re very well prepared.

Written by l3lacklce

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