Now the Second Story!

Our favorite K9 Officer Friendly was one of the officers that worked this scene. He’s the same one that officially ‘collared’ my car thief from the last time I spoke of things along these lines.. Now after it was all over, Officer Friendly entered the store to get his soda and have a mini-bs session with my boss and I. During the course of this he remembered his favorite ‘dumb criminal’ tale, which he freely shared:

He’d arrived for a restroom break at a store about 2 miles from mine. When he pulled in, there was a Hispanic male outside looking VERY agitated, jumping up and down and screaming.

Turns out this Hispanic male was travelling, and had given a ride to a female he’d met at one of his fuel stops from there to our lovely town. On arriving at the scene, the female had called her boyfriend and they’d all sat down outside to enjoy a cold beer and smoke some of the illegal herb he was carrying in quantity to his final destination.

Nature called. Our favorite Hispanic excused himself to go to the restroom. When he returned, the couple was gone, and so was the bag of SEVERAL HUNDRED pounds of dope from his trunk.

He wanted the cops to recover his stolen dope…

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