TAZ Friends

This page is solely devoted to sites that belong to TAZ’s friends from across the Net. Friends from Twitter, Facebook, Blip, Friendfeed, and other haunts TAZ attends.

I’ve always made it a point to promote not only TAZ but my friends sites too, whenever time and circumstance allows, mainly ( but not exclusively ) on my special dedication Blips ( Spreadin’ da Wub ).

This is another opportunity to Spread Da Wub! If you want your site listed here then contact me and I’ll definitely take a boo at it. And it’s easier for me to promote this page on various haunts than to promote individual sites like I have been doing.

I don’t care if your site is popular or languishing in dismal obscurity, if it looks good, has decent content, we’ll list it here. However, every site listed here gets checked out and has to meet with our regular high standards of spankiliciousness.

TAZ Friends

If you have a moment why not check them out, they’re all pretty cool sites, after all…they gotta be cool or we wouldn’t list them. 😀 😛

Spreadin’ Da Wub, Baby!

RealWorldMom from Twitter*

RadioSRQ from Twitter*

Garry Crystal from BrooWaha*
Life and Payback’s a Bitch

Tim Kissane from Twitter*
Inflatable Soapbox

MissBeckala from Twitter*
Basically Becky

Dean Walker from BrooWaha*
Hurricane Dean

in progress…