Ever shop around at different arcade game sites looking for something to play and waste more time looking than playing…and when you finally find something you like the game plays on about 25% of the screen and is surrounded by annoying nuisance ADs, links, and other junk, on the other 75% of the screen.

At TAZ there are no accidental click-offs, no distractions, no crap to put up with…all our games are FULL-SCREEN and AD-FREE…we don’t make a dime when you play our games. And all the games are hosted by us on site…they are not affiliate games whereby you are taken to another location to play them.

We are the only site on the Internet where you can play games FULL-SCREEN and AD-FREE…because every other site has games to make money…whereas we have games to have fun. 😀

Speaking of fun…

in no particular order we have picked out 10 military, battle, strategy, war games that we think are the best online arcade games in that genre. Hopefully we’ve picked out enough of a diverse selection that at least one game will appeal to everyone. But we think you’ll like em’ all.

Ten of the Best Military Battle Games

1. A Tank Named Grizzly

A game based upon the famous G.I. Joe, where you have to clear a city of enemy tanks and military vehicles. 

A Tank Named Grizzly

2. Aliens the Game

I’m sure you’ve seen the Aliens movies. Well this game is Aliens the Game. And it’s actually three games in one. Yes, it’s your job to save Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Newt, and the rest of them from the hordes of Aliens.

I’ve played this game quite a few times and managed, in the first game, to save at most 7 of them. The second game I find really very hard and always end up killing everyone. The third game ( probably the easiest of the three )  is saving Newt, and I have managed to save her.

If you liked Aliens the movies, you will absolutely love this game.

Aliens the Game

3. F18 Strike Force

A very cool game with great maneuverability. You’re an F18 pilot on an aircraft carrier, and your job is to shoot down enemy planes.

F18 Strike Force

4. Defence 2

A futuristic game where you have to build a city, and while building it you have to defend against the onslaught of robotic attackers.

Defence 2

5.  Thing-Thing Arena 2

Thing-Thing ( like Stickman Sam ) is a staple of online Internet games. We have all 5 Thing-Thing games ( we also have all the Stickman Sam games too ). Several different modes of play. Lots o’ guns. Loads of fun!

Thing Thing Arena 2

6. Sea Hawk

If you like helicopters, boats, and saving lives…then Sea Hawk is a great game for you. Good graphics, and easy controls. By far one of the very best arcade-style online sea-battle games there is.  The object of this game is to save people in the water, and at the same time protect your ship from being attacked.

Sea Hawk

7. Skies of War

A multi-level game where you pilot several different planes and complete missions. You missions can include destroying buildings, enemy planes, etc..

Skies of War

8. The Commanders Sister

Don’t let the name fool you…this is one of the best turret-type games on the Net…if not the best. If you’re new or not very good at turret-type games I’d pass on this for something a lot easier.

The Commanders Sister

9. Crusader Tank

One of the most popular tank games on TAZ. Simple…shoot the enemy, destroy as much as you can, and kill everything in sight.

Crusader Tank

10. Tanks 2008

A very cool little game with decent graphics and good maneuverability. Object: destroy enemy tanks and vehicles, destroy buildings and turrets. Avoid getting shot < good to know. 😀

Tanks 2008

Play, enjoy, have fun…and don’t let the Boss catch ya! 😀

Some of us don’t have hours to sit around and play a game, sometimes we only have a few minutes here n’ there, n’ that’s the beauty of the games on TAZ, they aren’t the type that’s going to take out a huge chunk out of your day.

Most of TAZ’s over 1000 games take from just a few minutes to less than an hour to play. Of course, some can get pretty addicting so you might play the game over n’ over again, but we can’t do anything about that. :D

Hope you like them, and check out our other 1000+ games while you’re here.

For the Point-n-Click lovers we have several ‘ escape the… ‘ games, for the Zombie Shooter crowd we have several of them as well.

You can find some games here on TAZ, or you can enjoy our 10 ‘ dedicated ‘ game blogs. Each category has no more than 5 games on it, for easy searching ( no wasting your time flipping though tons of pages to find what you want ).  And, as always…our games are:


So no accidental click-offs on blinking annoying ads, distracting your game play.  And no playing a game on a small screen surrounded by nuisance ads, links, posters, and other crap you find on every other game site.

Enjoy! Welcome to TAZ! And leave a comment…we do read them and occasionally respond too. :D


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