Well it was good to see Linda Hamilton reprise her role and give a good performance. I liked that they had her come back as a used up, fed up, Terminator killer, who has an attitude problem and likes to get wasted. Which is what we would expect from someone who has been hunted, or had their children hunted, and has been fighting cyborgs from the future for the last few decades.

But, it seemed to be a waste to change the future adversary from Skynet to Legion, like what was the attempt here? To reboot the series with a new enemy? A last ditch attempt to revitalize the franchise? A Hail Mary? Instead of offering closure? Clearly it was a failed attempt if that’s what they were trying to do. Terminator has run it’s course, it was a great run, we all had a lot of fun with it, but it was time to put the final nail in the coffin, not try to offer a reboot of the series with a new adversary.

Overall the movie was on par with any of the previous installments of the Terminator Franchise they just missed the opportunity to put the series to rest once and for all. Now we’re left with an unfinished series that likely will never come to a final resolution. They lost money on this installment, to the tune of approximately $130 million. Falling short of expectations of the $450 million or so break even point. Which they will likely recover in time with DVD and Blu-ray sales, but any future projects have now been put on hold indefinitely.

So we are all left now with Legion, the new AI of the future, at the starting point with no where to go but collect dust in some vault in Hollywood. Buried under mounds of paperwork leaving us all to wonder will we ever overcome it. Or do we even care at this point? Like I said, they missed a great opportunity to just wrap it all up, now it’s like an unfinished home project that you just never get to. And they probably never will.

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