Well they do say everything is bigger in Texas. So why would this surprise us. What this means is if Texas was it’s own Country it would rank in the top 10 of the World’s most Covid-19 cases. When you put that into perspective it’s astonishing to imagine the impact it’s having in that part of the World. The Texas prison system too is leading the US in the number of cases reported affecting both inmates and guards.

But even though Texas has currently the most reported cases ( 1,010,364 ) it is not the most affected by deaths ( 19,337 ), that unwanted honor still goes to New York State, which has about half as many cases ( 536,145 ) but close to twice as many reported deaths ( 33,707 ). California ( 991.162 ), Florida ( 852,174 ), and Illinois ( 511,183 ) come in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively in having the most cases.

When you compare the American statistics in relation to Countries closely associated with the US the result is staggering. Canada has only had 273,038 confirmed cases and 10,632 deaths. The United Kingdom ( England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ) has had 1,233,775 cases with 49,770 deaths. Texas therefore has more cases and deaths than the entire Country of Canada, and more than the four Countries that comprise the United Kingdom if you were to break them down, or almost as many cases than the United Kingdom combined.

If you’re planning a getaway, and thinking the Alamo might be a good place to visit, you might want to rethink your travel plans.

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