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The 15 Best Action Video Games of All Time

Video games are the main source of entertainment for kids and adults these days. There are many popular games specially designed for Android Phones, iOS and windows. Some games exist on all three platforms, and some, like the royal dynasty slot, are ones that you really need to try out when playing online.
In this article, we are going to see the 15 best Action video games irrespective of the platform.

1. Grand Theft Auto:
Published by Rockstar Games, this game has many versions and is one of the most popular action games till date. The fast-pacing storyline of the game hooks the users for an indefinite time. The latest release of the game, Grand Theft Auto V has received VGX Award for Game of the Year; in 2013. In the best-selling list, this game stands on 3rd position.

2. PUBG:
Player Unknowns Battle Underground, also known as PUBG, developed and published by PUBG
Corporations is the best trending game of this year. It has amazing graphics displays and adrenaline-pumping actions throughout the game. It was the top-selling game in the year 2017.

3. Diablo-II:
A role-playing action game Diablo-II, developed by Blizzard Entertainment is available on
Windows and Macintosh operating system platforms. This game has a dungeon style and fantasy

4. Mario Bros.:
The evergreen game, published in 1983 by Nintendo is one of the best games to date. This game
is included as mini-games in other advanced versions of Mario.

5. The Assassin Creed Series:
The Assassin Creed Series is one of the top-selling series and has sold 51.75 million copies.
This game has many versions and modes like free-running styles, complex battles and combats.

6. Batman:
This game, Batman, released on various platforms, has an interesting storyline with super villains and enemies for the hero to fight with. The game is set in an island and graphics are more awesome.

7. Spore:
A real-time simulation game in this list, Spore, released in 2008 by Maxis, operates on Windows and Macintosh Operating systems. This game has easy controls and is about evolution.

8. Read Deed Redemption
This Western-style action game released in 2004 operates on Xbox and Playstations. The amazing storyline of the game, music and the simpler controls makes it a great game to play.

9. Call of Duty:
Unlike other games in the list, this has the advantage of a biggest first-player shooter game. This
role-playing game also creates a fascination through its storyline and amazing actions.

10. Spiderman:
This action plus adventure game has its storyline from the movie or the comic book Spiderman.
The effects of the game extend to the real-life for the players.

11. The Legend of Zelda:
Published by Nintendo, this is one of the favourite action games among the players who seek
fast-pacing actions in the game. This is one another game with dungeon style in the list.

12. Hitman 2:
The action-assassination game is a realistic game with a detailed storyline. The game operates
on various platforms.

13. Monster Hunter: World
This game has many versions and the easiest game for even the amateurs. It has easy controls and grand combat systems in the game.

14. God of War:
It seems like an old-fashioned video game by the title. But the grandness of the backgrounds and graphics makes it one of the epic video games that one could ever play.

15. Tomb Raider:
Tomb-raider, released in 2013, operates on various platforms. This action-adventure game has an awesome story and fluid-like game controls.

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