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The 5 Best NBA Video Games

If Basketball is one of your favourite sports and you imagine yourself to dribble the ball from
the goal area, you are good to play the NBA video games. If you aren’t busy spending time
playing some fun games on the Starburst slot , we suggest you to start right away.
Here are the 5 best NBA video games that are worth the time.

1. NBA 2K 11-
Perhaps the best one in sports game history, with the ultimate Michael Jordan playing to the
track of Alan Parsons Project in the Tunnel, it created a furor in the Basketball Gaming
Industry. People simply loved it!
The Vgame made the player feel as if he himself personified Michael Jordan. This was ultra-
exciting and people got the feel of NBA in real. With very polished and catchy graphics, a
mind-blowing commentary, it kept the players glued to their screens.

Who can ever forget or miss NBA JAM? One of the pioneers in Basketball gaming, it
revolutionised the way people looked and played basketball games online. An ultimate arcade
game, it takes you for a score. One of the most famous 90’s games , it still remains famous. A
perfect one to play with friends and family, it is fast, colourful and vigorous. It makes you
feel as if you are really playing the game.

3. NBA Live 2000-
This one certainly set new standards. From being the first one to star Michael Jordan to play a
very cool soundtrack. It had everything in the store. It actually was a sort of pioneer when it
came to playing funky, quirky and high-temp, in-game music in basketball games.
Players loved this aspect of NBA LIVE 2000. With a very smooth and addictive game-play,
this was sure to reach the hearts of many.

4. NBA Street Volume 2-
Yes. You have heard of it before, one of the best NBA games in the industry, it takes you
from the professional courts out in the open, the street. In fact, Streetball is a big adrenaline
rush for many youngsters and Basketball players. It makes one think about NBA JAM. It
allows players to come outside the strict lines and play freely which is what makes it quite
famous and interesting to play.

5. NBA 2K 17-
One of the most deserved is the NBA 2K 17, with the most refined and impressive features, it
has it all. In fact, this one can also be rated as simply the best. It is very realistic, very well
presented and the most played basketball video- game to date. With some of the best
improvements made compared to the earlier versions and previous basketball games, it lifts
the players to an all-new world of stimulation and excitement.

Other than these, there are few others which are worth the mention. They are NBA Live 98,
NBA 2K1 (another streetball kinds), NBA Live 2005, NCCA Basketball 2009 and NBA 2K

No matter which one you pick and choose, all are better than the best and have set up some
very high records. With very promising game-play and scores, it makes the player play and
keeps going.

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