I should preface this by saying we appreciate everyone who follows us…however having a lot of followers was never our goal.

Our goal was to find interesting people. Hopefully the most interesting people we could find. And compile a list of the best.

We were going to stop following at 5000, but even that seems to be too many in reflection…so once we reach 3000 we will then stop following back…and instead, we will start editing our followers/following…

until we have 3000  interesting people…

the best of which will end up on our “Best Twitters to Follow” (http://twitthis.com/ndo32b) list.

For us to even consider you for our 3000 followers you must be following us…because we’re not going to search all over Twitter looking for you. 😉

We already edit our list regularly…but once we reach our goal of 3000 we will not be adding any more, we will just be editing…removing and replacing.

This is just our notice of intention…so that you know why we aren’t following you back right away when we start following 3000 people.

We will do our best to add the most interesting people to our list of 3000 by regularly checking those who follow us and editing our list accordingly.

Those who are thinking of following us should view this:

The 7 Sins of Twitterdom

We DO NOT want just anyone to follow us…we will NOT follow just anyone…it is very easy to get followers just by following a lot of people, but we are not looking for just anyone, we only want the best…the best 3000 we can find.  😉

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One thought on “The Best 3000”
  1. There’s no Greater Joy nor Reward for Me than to INSPIRE others with My DAILY INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES that I have written.

    I Love meeting and talking with people and most of all giving Moral Support.

    Does that qualify me to be The Best Twitter?


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