What are some of your favorite movies featuring the actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson? Did you enjoy watching the Rocky series or the latest movie starring the wrestler-turned-actor?

Dwayne Johnson has become widely recognized for his action films, particularly those revolving around the larger-than-life character he plays. Fans of the actor recognize him for his roles in The Scorpion King, The Rundown, Hercules, The Game Plan, The Tooth Fairy, and Central Intelligence.

Dwayne Johnson is an extremely talented actor who has starred in over 20 films since 1994. He started as a stuntman before breaking into the entertainment world. His career took off after he played professional football for the Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Rams.

The Best Dwayne Johnson Movies

1. Moana (2016)

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson made the move from Hollywood to Hawaii which resulted in one of the most entertaining Disney movies ever made. Based on a true story, its plot revolves around Maui who tries to get back at the goddess who cursed his people centuries ago. If you love gambling online, you can also check some online casino games based on the similar movie.

2. San Andreas (2015)

Based on a real-life incident that occurred in California in 1991, San Andreas stars Johnson as Jackass star Johnny Knoxville’s father. When the biggest earthquake ever recorded hits, two men must race across canyons, deserts, mountains, and raging rivers to save their families.

3. Snitch (2019)

This crime thriller tells of a gangster named Nick Rice whose best friend is killed while protecting evidence against drug dealers. After being framed by police officers, Nick decides to work with a private investigator to take down corrupt cops.

4. Central Intelligence (2018)

Featuring John Cena, this comedy shows how CIA agents use social media to track down terrorists. They also have to deal with their personal lives like marriage problems and jealousy between coworkers.

5. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (2017)

Johnson reprises his role in the sequel to the 1995 film Jumanji. Robin Williams returns as Alan Parrish, who brings back characters from different versions of the game. A new version of Jumanji has been created where players interact directly through VR headsets with video games designed specifically for the experience.


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