Since its inception in 1974, the movie slasher genre has grown into a subgenre of horror films. The early slashers included Psycho (1960), Night of the Living Dead (1968), and Carrie (1976). While these movies were groundbreaking at the time, they have since become classics.

As the years passed, the popularity of slasher flicks grew. They started to include other themes such as body horror, psychological terror, and gore. These elements became staples in the genre, and many sequels and remakes followed. Horror fans love them because of their ability to create tension and fear. Below is our list of the best slasher movies ever made.

The Best Slasher Movies of All Time

1. Halloween (1978)

“Halloween” was one of the first successful slasher movies. It starred Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode who comes home from work on October 31. She enters her house only to find it trashed and her parents murdered. With no one to turn to, she must figure out how to survive this night by herself.

Her friends are killed off one by one until she becomes an unstoppable force. Director John Carpenter wanted the film not to be scary but horrifying. He thought that if he played it straight, audiences would feel more scared than when watching any other horror flick. So he focused on creating an atmosphere instead of scares. If you want to play Halloween online slots, visit sites like

2. Friday the 13th (1980)

If you want to put yourself through some serious heartache, watch “Friday the 13th”. In this, Jason Voorhees kills people on or around July 13. Some viewers find it hard to believe with all those bodies found floating down waterways, there aren’t that many corpses.

Why? Because most murders occur during the summer months when the weather makes people go outside. So the dead bodies don’t remain long before washing away. Also, Jason isn’t always seen killing; he can strike without warning. Sometimes you see him lurking behind bushes. A few times, you even manage to see his face. This allows the viewer to get some sort of satisfaction from knowing what happens next.

3. Scary Movie 3 (1991)

In this movie, children perform skits about being stalked. Afterward, they learn that the person who stalks them wants revenge against the person who humiliated him. This results in the main character getting killed off-screen by the stalker. But we never actually see that happen. However, we do hear screams at various points throughout the movie. That’s enough to keep us on edge.

4. Scream (1996)

This movie stars Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. When a serial killer starts targeting celebrities, she gets involved in uncovering clues. Meanwhile, she learns that a bunch of kids is going missing. Eventually, she discovers that the murderer targets preteens on the 13th day of every month. If he catches anyone after that date, he kills them.

Her boyfriend Billy Loomis helps her investigate these crimes. Even though she survives, she finds herself plagued by nightmares about the killer stalking her. We also see her parents die in front of her eyes. You might think that seeing something like this wouldn’t be all that bad, but it gets much worse. This causes her to suffer from PTSD.

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