I have never been as into watching Hockey as I have been in actually playing Hockey, but there was times I watched more often than other times. When I was a kid it ( my adopted team ) was the Chicago Blackhawks with Tony Esposito in net. Probably more to do with how cool I thought their logo was than anything else. Then, as I grew up and was approaching my teenage years, I kinda abandoned Hockey for more interesting pursuits…girls. Or as Motley Crew would say ‘ Girls, Girls, Girls ‘.

Skip ahead a few years, well, more than a few, and we come to 1980, the year that Calgary acquired the Flames from Atlanta. I was living in Calgary at the time so how could I not adopt them as my team. And, they’ve been my team ever since, despite the fact that the management has sold the team down the river on more than one occasion. But it was good to see them get revenge on Montreal and win a Stanley Cup in 1989, it was good to see Lanny MacDonald finally get that ring he so righteously deserved, and his 500th career goal in the process.

They had a great team in the 80’s, an outstanding team, a team that might have won several Stanley Cups had it not been for the fact they were in the same Division as, arguably, the greatest team there ever was, or possibly will be, the Gretzky Oilers. They unfortunately had an amazing team, as they say, at the wrong time, and in the wrong place. If you asked me now to list off the current players I probably couldn’t name even one. The last player I remember was Jarome ‘ Iggy ‘ Iginla who’s last season with the Flames was 2012-13. I still consider them my adopted team, maybe in the future they will re-spark my interest.

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