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The Commuter 2018

How could anyone not like Liam Neeson. He’s one of those rare actors that you know, no matter what movie he’s in, you’re going to enjoy it. And there’s only a handful of them left.  Samuel L. Jackson, and more recently Dwayne Johnson, are two more of these kinds of actors. I’ve never bought a movie from any of these that I thought I got ripped off of the purchase price.

Liam, compared to earlier in his career, has had a lot more cookie-cutter type movies as of late. The Commuter is basically just like several other of his recent movies just in a different setting. Enjoyable, yes. But getting to the point of ‘ you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all ‘.

But that’s not unusual for Hollywood to take an idea and run with it until they feel they have maxed it out on earning potential. And it’s not unusual for actors to get pigeon-holed into a certain genre for a large portion of their careers.

Was The Commuter worth the $19.95 Blueray price? Sure. Could I have waited until it ended up in the Walmart $5 bin? Definitely. Should I have waited until it ended up in the Walmart $5 bin? Positively. In retrospect I’m glad I bought the movie. But in hindsight I wish I had waited. It is a must have movie for your collection, it just wasn’t/isn’t a must have movie right now.


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