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The controversy of e-cigarettes

ecigarettesApparently the Ontario government and several other provinces, and soon the entire Country, will be treating e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes. Now I do not use e-cigarettes, and I realize there are two basic kinds, the ones with nicotine and the other with just water vapor; and the industry is very poorly regulated in regard to quality and content of these products, however, having said that, these e-cigarettes are ‘ not ‘ regular cigarettes, and it’s ridiculous to put them into the same category. What’s next banning nicotine patches because some kid might use them to get high/ Really/ Have we gone that far over the edge of sanity?

This entire controversy seems to stem from one thing, that kids are using these e-cigarettes. And instead of just regulating it so that the same rules apply to e-cigarettes as regular tobacco products in regard to children, as usual, the government catering to the special interest groups and radical over-the-top freakods, decide to regulate it in an absurd fashion that actually will inhibit people from even bothering to use them to attempt to quit smoking.

The appeal of these e-cigarettes is that you ‘ could ‘ smoke them anywhere, which is the primary reason people buy them. . The hardest part of quitting smoking isn’t the cigarette it’s the habit. The hand-to-mouth habit which is why many turn to food when they quit. These e-cigarettes allow this hand-to-mouth habit to continue without the harmful effects of tobacco, or the weight gain of eating.

By all means regulate it so the kiddies can’t develop the habit, which would result in then picking up smokes or an eating disorder later on in life…but to treat e-cigarettes as regular tobacco products or inhibit their use by adults is….absurd.

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