Well they have been warning us for years that the day will come when Adobe Flash will die. Macromedia Shockwave Player suffered a similar fate and now you can only play those old .DCR games if you have an old computer with an old browser. I still have some old .DCR games on my computer that I loved playing that are now just memories of a bygone era. Starting December 31st, 2020 Microsoft plans to send us an update that will remove Flash permanently from our browsers.

Of course, there might still be some options available so don’t just chuck those .SWF game files away. Because Businesses depend upon flash for a lot of applications Microsoft said they will allow¬† enabling Abode Flash Player in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 as a plug-in via the Internet Explorer Mode feature. If for some reason that doesn’t work for you not all is lost, you can always download BlueMaxina’s FlashPoint, who has been trying to preserve as many Flash games as possible so we can continue to enjoy them. And no doubt others will find solutions to assist us in being able to play these games going forward.

There are so many things that use Flash, from Flash Websites, Games, School and Work applications, that it’s sad that Adobe couldn’t have just designed a new workable version of it, instead of just giving up on it altogether. I can’t imagine how some sites like internet giants like MiniClip and Kongregate, that are virtually nothing but Flash games, are going to continue in 2021 going forward.

Our games on our sites will stay up, until such time we can replace then with HTML5 games. If you are unable to play them then download them and see if that works. If you can’t play them online or offline then try the options we mentioned earlier. Hopefully others will come up with more solutions in the coming months.


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