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The Expendables – Female Version

Well there’s been some speculation on a female cast version of The Expendables, and it seems everyone has their own version of what the cast should consist of. None of which I agree with. So lets start off with saying on a seven member cast you need at least 2 real fighters who have a fan base and some background in acting action credits:

ronda-rouseyRONDA ROUSEY

Ronda has a huge fighting fan base as the former UFC and Strikeforce Champion, and has appeared in The Expendables 3 and Furious 7. Granted she’s not the best actress/actor to hit the big screen but she makes up for it in raw energy. And having been in The Expendables 3 I think that link to the franchise makes her the number 1 choice to be cast.

GINA CARANOgina-carano

Gina has always been a popular fighter with fight fans, and even though she retired and never made it into the UFC she’s still considered one of the best in her division. Again like Rhonda, she’s not a great actor but she’s a very recognizable name and has appeared in Fast and Furious 6 and the hugely popular movie Deadpool. And it doesn’t hurt that both her and Rhonda are easy on the eyes.

I find it funny that none of the lists I came across on the Net had either of those two listed. When, in my opinion, they are the 2 most obvious choices. Now that we’ve established the 2 real fighters on our list we now need 3 strong actors with action credits.  People who can actually act, so that eliminates popular action stars like Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. Don`t get me wrong I love them and the movies they`re in, and I`m a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise, but as far as acting goes they`re not Sigourney Weaver. And speaking of Sigourney, she has to be 1st on our list of strong acting credits:

SIGOURNEY WEAVERalienssigourney-weaver

Sigourney has a long list of acting credits, including Gorillas in the Mist and Copycat, she was superb in Death and the Maiden, probably the best acting choice of her career, and has a well established action portfolio with the Alien franchise. Even though she`s getting up there in age, 66 now I believe, she still looks good and brings a strong acting credit to the list.


As far as action stars goes Kate has shown she can hang with the best of them, from her Underworld franchise to Van Helsing, the remake of Total Recall, and Whiteout. I personally find she`s a very good actor, admittedly I haven`t seen any of her other movies other than the ones mentioned but considering the type of movies they were I found her acting far above the norm.


Granted she`s made some bad decisions like marrying Ben Affleck and starring opposite him in the movie Daredevil, and even though Elektra wasn`t a good movie by anyone`s wildest stretch of imagination I rather liked it all the same. Excusing her mistakes she has a strong acting portfolio, and has even won a Golden Globe and been nominated for Emmy`s.

OK, there`s our top 5, now we need to round out the 7 with a couple of lesser known but quality additions from the action movie field.


Even though not a household name, she has some legit acting credits, and has supporting roles in Predators, Elysium, and I Am Legend.

SIENNA GUILLORYsienna-guillory

Another not well known actor but I liked her in her stints with the Resident Evil franchise as the no nonsense Jill Valentine.

NOW we need a villain, well Sigourney would do well in that part too, but we already chose her for the team, hummmmm maybe a villain within the team. It would have to be a well known actor, not necessarily with great acting skills, but preferably someone better than Jean Claude van Damme. Hard decision but we`ll have to go with:


With a popular name and a bevy of acting credits which include villains or bad girls in Basic Instinct, Total Recall, etc she seems the obvious choice. And at the age of 58 she still looks good.

Now last but not least by any stretch of the imagination we need comedy relief and who better than the adorable, funny, quirky:


If you don`t love Drew, what is wrong with you. You can pretty much stick her anywhere in a movie and give it that light-hearted moment. You could place her as the tattoo artist ( Mickey Rourke ), the bartender, or even as the lesbian lover of one of the above and it would work.

Well, there you have it, our picks for the female version of The Expendables.

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