OK…we touched a little on Alexa…now Google…

Google Page Rank is not a good indicator of traffic, not a good indicator of how well a site is built, or how well a site is maintained…it is a lousy indicator of whether or not you should advertise on a site.

Let’s say I have 50 apples each of varying grades…and I have to grade them using a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best…well, I’d end up having to lump several different grades into each wouldn’t I? If I have 50 grades, to have a precise count of each’s worth I would need 50 grade levels. That way you’d know whether you were eating a grade 34 or a grade 44.

Google Pagerank lumps huge amounts of sites into the a grade level that they shouldn’t all fit into…this is one problem.

You’d look at two sites both with a page rank of 5 and wonder ‘ how the frig are these both a 5? There’s no way these both are a 5. ‘

If those sites were on a scale of 1-1,000,000 one might be a 500,001 and the other a 599,999…

This is why Alexa is far better at determining the true value of a site’s worth…their number structure is large enough to use as a better indicator.

You can’t lump millions of sites into such a small range as 1-10 and have any real sense of a site’s worth.

Another problem with the Google Page Rank is back-links…now…I don’t know about you…but I have gone to many sites, sometimes often, and never linked to them…why the hell should I?…they don’t link to us. There are thousands of people who come here to our sites everyday who don’t link to us…probably for the same reason…or for other reasons…

back-linking at best is fickle and not a good way to determine a site’s worth.

Breakdown of the Google Page Rank:

sites 0-2 very low traffic
sites 4-6 medium traffic
sites 7-8 high traffic
sites 9-10 top grade, tons of traffic

where’s 3?
Page Rank 3 seems to be like limbo…it’s the place where you’re no longer wasted internet space but not yet quite there yet…it’s like Google has reserved that spot for all the sites they have no idea what to do with.

Ultimately you want to jump over Page Rank 3 …avoid it like quicksand…it’s the Hotel California of Page Ranks.

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