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The GOAT Jon Jones

There’s always a lot of talk about who is the greatest of all time, the GOAT, but it’s hard to dispute that Jon ‘ BONES ‘ Jones isn’t leading the pack for that title, with his recent win over Thiago Santos. Not that there was much argument before then. He’s beat them all, the best of the best, the pack leaders, and usually with ease.

Personally GSP was the GOAT in my eyes for a long time, not because he won every fight with dominance, he won, but it wasn’t always easy. The quality of the opponent was the predominant factor to me in determining the GOAT. It was hard to argue against that GSP faced far better opponents than any one else claiming reigns to that title. And when you face that quality of an opponent no fight is easy. Even Anderson Silva did not face the quality of opponents that GSP had to face.

But now Jon Jones has racked up quite the list of opponents himself.

Unlike GSP, who is well known for a reputation as being a nice guy, Jones is quite the opposite. Jones’ personal life is generally in chaos, he’s been caught using performance enhancing drugs, and often accused of dirty fighting in the octagon with intentional eye pokes. But we can’t determine the GOAT by personality, we have to determine it by what they accomplish in the octagon.

Jones reputation as the GOAT will always be clouded by violations of performance enhancing drugs and dirty fighting, but the skill he employs in the octagon, well that’s now hard to dispute. Sorry GSP but I think you’ve been replaced albeit by a much sadder version of yourself.


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