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The Insanity of Ebay

My daughter loves Amazon, buys stuff on a regular basis. Personally I find most of the stuff I’m interested in outrageously expensive on Amazon. But I do love their shipping. Compared to eBay Amazon wins hands down in the shipping arena. But I’m not here to discuss shipping.

I swear eBay must be insane lately with the prices of new movies. I’m not sure who’s at fault, the seller for gouging their customers, or customers that are willing to pay huge prices for either lack of brains or having too much money to employ common sense.

When a new movie comes out you expect the price to be high. You expect to pay $30 for a Combo Pack or $24 for a DVD. And if you’re patient you can expect that price to lower by about $8 in about a month or two. But lately new movies are selling for $50 or more. That’s more than what a Blu-ray cost when they first hit the market.

It would be a cold day in Hell for me to spend $50 on a movie just to get it earlier than everyone else. I’ll wait it out till I see a ‘ reasonable ‘ price, even it it takes a couple months for it to get there. For $50 it better come with a free dinner and drinks. Some people have more money than common sense, if people stopped paying these outrageous prices sellers would lower the prices of new movie releases.

Just my 2 cents and a half.

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