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The Insanity of the Times

Personally, I don’t get it. I get that strange times causes people to act strange. But I still have to wonder why.  Take for example, when this whole coronavirus ( now Covid-19 ) started, the first thing people started buying off the shelves in droves was toilet paper. Now, maybe I’m wrong, but no where have I ever read that this virus causes uncontrollable fits of diarrhea. And yet, the first thing people started hoarding was toilet paper.

And the insanity caused by the hoarders buying up all the toilet paper they could muster eventually infected the reasonably sane. Who, as a result of seeing barren shelves, was forced to buy up what they could and hoard to prevent the hoarders from getting it all. Leaving poor 80 year old Mrs. Robinson, who can’t get around as easily as she could 20 years ago, and who lives on a fixed income and consequently can’t go on a mega toilet paper buying shopping spree, SOL ( that’s shit-out-of-luck for those of us who hate acronyms ).

So now the stores have to set aside some toilet paper for those unfortunates, who can’t get out for whatever reason, so they have at least some opportunity to wipe their ass with something other than a wet cloth. Thanks to all those who are hoarding the toilet paper.

There is no reason whatsoever to behave in this fashion. If people behaved RATIONALLY there is no need to hoard anything.  You take the necessary precautions to avoid catching and spreading the virus and otherwise live your life and behave like a NORMAL FUCKING HUMAN BEING.

That way poor Mrs. Robinson doesn’t become a victim of your fear and paranoia……and especially……your  STUPIDITY.

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