It’s like the Frank Sinatra song “My Way”, and don’t let anyone else tell you it’s not.

Twitter has a TOS. I strongly suggest you read it and those are the only rules you really, really need to follow. All other decisions about how you handle your account are yours. Whose guidance you accept, if you need it,  should be entirely dependent on how you want your Twitter experience and what you are there for. What I plan on doing here is sharing how I do MY Twitter and why.

I don’t worry about who follows me or who unfollows me for that matter. I’m there for access to information and for the opinions of others regarding that information. I’m also there to talk with people. Since I’m not looking for popularity, I’m more interested in who I follow and what interests do they share with me?

For me, Twitter is like a giant cocktail party. I can flit from group to group and gather information about what the popular books are, what I really should be reading in my spare time. What up and comer in the political world should I be looking into? Whose dirty laundry just got hung out in the light? How will a bill before Congress affect me if it passes or not? What can I do to make my life and that of my loved ones better?

I can’t spend a lot of time in Twitter, I have a job, a family, a life outside of the information superhighway. I also blog here and have another blog of my own in Blogger. These things take time, which I find lately not to have too much of. I don’t use a mobile phone to twitter, there is no client like Tweetdeck that I use. My account is managed by me alone and I pick and choose what I wish to see when I’m there.

Since I’m not there to spend money, I don’t follow salespeople. They might have the absolute best product available to mankind, but I can’t use it so they don’t interest me. I do follow music accounts because there is nothing that makes a person feel better than listening to good music.

Mostly I follow critical thinkers. Not just Progressives or Liberals if you prefer, but those people who spend the time thinking about what they read and sharing their ideas rather than simply linking to the article as if it’s the next best thing since white bread. Sharing talking points regarding any subject isn’t going to provide a solution, and I’m a person for whom solutions to our problems are important.

There’s room for all kinds in Twitter. Whether it be someone whose simply interested in getting attention, someone who wants contacts in their line of expertise, or someone looking to make friends. There’s a niche for everyone, and if I was going to offer any advice about how to have a successful Twitter experience, I’d offer two ideas.

Number 1. Take the time to engage with the people you follow. Let them know you’re interested in what they have to share. Number 2 would be to follow and pay attention to @Tweetsmarter. He’s just another account like the rest of us, BUT he’s there to help so he’s made it his business to understand how Twitter works.

Happy Tweeting!


By Butterose

Smart assed step-mother of 3, grandmother of 3. Insane enough to have lived with Hubby for 24 years now. What can I say, I liked his kids? We share our lives with family and our cat.

One thought on “The Joy Of Twitter”
  1. For a long time I avoided social networking. Just didn’t get it, or why anyone would prefer it over a forum community. So when I finally succumbed and joined Twitter I didn’t take it seriously at all. It was mostly about my tougue-in-cheek wacky sense of humor about hot tubs, twister, rubber duckies, spanking, etc…with the odd site promotion thrown in here n’ there. But it did have it’s benefits for the short term. I did meet some great people who have stuck with me over other social networking arenas ( Facebook, Blip, etc… ). And it did have value as a place to promote your site before they took away the ‘ all tab ‘, and changed it to no one could see your tweets but ‘ friends ‘.
    Eventually, however, I had to say good-bye to Twitter…my account was having too many annoying technical hic-cups, and I just couldn’t trust it anymore as a reliable place to invest my time. So…now…it just gets feeds from other sites. And periodically I’ll stop in to check my DM’s.

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