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The Joy of Writing

Writing, be it a blog post or a great speech, is something not many of us are naturally inclined toward. We try. But more often than not it rarely comes out quite the way we envision it in our heads. The great, entertaining, well versed, novelist escapes us. At one time or another we can all relate to being a student in school staring at a blank page hoping something will jump out at us and magically appear on the page. And as if that wasn’t bad enough having to get up in front of the class to read a speech you were required to write the night before and hoping it was over before it even started.

Well we can’t all be James Joyce or Edgar Allan Poe. When it matters most, be it that school assignment or that business proposal, the art of writing sometimes needs to be left in the hands of professional writers. Sure we can put together the basics of what we are trying to accomplish. After all we know what it is we want to write about, the general gist of it, some of the details, what’s required, the order of presentation, maybe we even know the way we want it delivered, just the facts or with spurts of levity, we just can’t seem to put it all together.

Writing is an art. And just like any art form we can all do it to some extent but only a few can do it well. I can write a blog post, I’ve written many over the years, some better than others, some very well received by my audience and others not so much, in many ways it depends on my mood, the time of day, if I’m focused or distracted, but I’m no Vladimir Nabokov.  But a blog post is just a blog post, an occasional musing put to words, in the hope others share the same thoughts or opinions, or have an opinion at all, however when it comes to when it matters the most seek out a professional.

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