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The Latest Online Trends for 2015

The online space is in a constant state of evolution, with new ways of communicating and interacting via the web on the rise. In today’s world, most people are reliant on newer online tools and methodologies in order to enhance efficiency overall. From new social media platforms to trendy marketing strategies, 2015 presents exciting opportunities for innovation and technological advancement. Below, we have a look at some of the new trends taking the online space by storm and keeping us on the edge of our seats.

1. Mobile Games on the Rise


Mobile gaming is on the rise as gaming apps are the most popular downloads on smartphones and tablets

If you thought that people were attached to their phones, you were right! In fact, mobile gaming has surpassed console gaming this year in significant ways. Gaming apps are the most popular apps downloaded on smartphones, and developers are quickly running to meet demands. It’s speculated that most, if not all, games are developed for mobiles as a requirement, in order to cater to the growing number of people using their mobiles for all gaming purposes.

There exists a unique flexibility in playing a game on a smartphones or tablet, mainly due to convenience which attracts those gamers who had otherwise found consoles unsuitable. That is, mobile gaming has attracted the attention of audiences who were otherwise disinterested in console games. This audience mainly consists of the younger population as well as, mothers, who seem to prefer bingo and social games. For a look at what’s new in this gaming space, discover new sites for bingo here.

2. Email Marketing Takes Precedence…Again.

Marketers are noting that the one and only channel they have full control of is their email lists. Unlike search engines with intricate algorithms or social media platforms that are overwhelmed with an abundance of brands trying to take the spotlight, email marketing requires full autonomy of the marketers themselves, and this means freedom. This renewed approach to the channel means that businesses understand the value in the channel in growing and sustaining their brand’s reputation. As such, instead of working towards making a quick sale via email, marketers are looking to engage customers and build relationships which might translate into long-term buyers.

3. Instagram Is the Preferred Platform for Social Media Based Marketing


Instagram has become the most popular and widely used social media based marketing platform in 2015

If you’re looking for ways to promote yourself or your brand online, the options are good and plenty, but none as popular as Instagram. This platform has become a staple for most marketers, with a unique spin on the visual aspect of social media. In fact, it has reached over 200 million monthly users, making it the most widely-used form of social media marketing this year. Over 40% of marketers are using Instagram due to its targeting abilities with younger populations and potential in grabbing the attention of the many of us who prefer things to be ‘short and sweet.’

The online space is a Pandora’s box of new information, tools and innovative ways to interact with the world at large. Thus, 2015 trends position themselves within a highly evolving world. Without question, the shifts have not quite tapered down just yet, keeping analysts wondering what the next trends will be in the upcoming year.

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